Tecsec Security Solutions expands into Eastern Seaboard with new operations and offices in Sydney and Melbourne

Tecsec Security Solutions expands into Eastern Seaboard with new operations and offices in Sydney and Melbourne


  • Tecsec Security recognizes solid potential to provide customized security and table locater products and is aligned to continue driving expansion in new and existing markets in the Eastern States
  •  Agreements established with existing business partners secures expansion into the Melbourne and Sydney commercial sectors, allowing a new ability to expand its proven business and security products in line with its expansion strategy.
  •  New Technologies in Table Locaters has allowed Tecsec to become the leading installer and supporter of Table Locate in WA with successful installations to Major Hospitality Clients including McDonalds WA.
  •  Building on solid client relationships, Tecsec procured development of VALID8 - a Travel Path tracking tool, allowing F&B Venues to meet WHS Obligations and provide presence reporting for Health and Safety Incidents.
  •  Always innovating Tecsec acquires FastScan counterfeit money detectors developed in The Netherlands for distribution throughout the Australia marketplace.

Perth, Australia — Leading security and hospitality business equipment service provider Leagold Pty Ltd T/a Tecsec Security Solutions is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements to open its offices in Sydney and Melbourne. This agreement highlights Tecsec Security’s stable growth in the hospitality and commercial sectors with continued success in developing, supplying and supporting innovative products in WA.

ImPOS Solutions Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sean O’Meara, said:

“We are very pleased to partner with Tecsec Security and secure their expansion through our existing supply and support operations throughout Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

We have been engaged in a mutually beneficial business relationship for over 8 years and this agreement reinforces our strategic planning we put in place in February 2015 for the expansion of Tecsec.

We will leverage ImPOS’s existing capacity to deliver optimal supply, service and support to our new security offering”.


Tecsec has proven its capabilities over several years in the hospitality and commercial sector and has a reputation for great service, reliable hardware and functional software at a reasonable price.

Along with Tecsec’s existing services they will bring to market new innovative products including VALID8Travel Path Manager, FastScan Counterfeit Money Detectors and SmartVision Hybrid High Resolution IP CCTV Systems.


Daniel Ecseri, Director of Tecsec Security Solutions, said:

 “We sought to expand into the Eastern Seaboard with our existing technology partners. The successful Rollout of Table Locate to 44 McDonalds Restaurant in 2015 in WA means we were able to deliver the services and product the industry is seeking and grow our technology offering. Presenting this solution among our other products and services is an exciting time for the company”.

We will soon be rolling out Table Locate to multiple venues including Varsity Bars and expect the solution to add significant value to our hospitality clients looking to better the customer experience.

Tecsec appreciates the confidence with which Sean has welcomed our businesses and we look forward to presenting our proven solutions to the Eastern Seaboard”


New products innovation to reduce risk to hospitality businesses and Better the Customer Experience


  • VALID8 Travel Path Management System provides seamless Bluetooth tracking of Staff through the venue, identifying Work health and safety issues, Intoxication sweeps and staff versus customer presence in health and safety risk incidents.
  • Fast Scan Counterfeit Money Detectors provides fast money scanning of all Australian Notes. Preconfigured for the Australian Market the Scanner developed in the Netherlands scans the banks notes within half a second and advises the staff of counterfeit notes.
  • HYBRID TVI CCTV Solutions allows full High Definition cameras to be installed onto existing analogue cable providing high resolution image and recording for a fraction of the cost of a new IP CCTV Installation.
  • TableLocate - the world’s first iBeacon based Table Location System, this system is more accurate, more reliable and comes at a TCO of 50% of the existing legacy RFID solutions


Staff News: Welcome Mark!

Mark Wilson joins the team as Business Development Manager and brings over twenty years of Sales, Marketing and Hospitality Management experience with him. Having worked with some of the finest beverage brands in the World and managed some seriously busy venues in Asia-Pac, Mark brings a significant wealth of industry understanding and knowledge that underpins his ability to provide viable solutions for our customers, based on their needs.

Whether it’s by cooking up a feast or being out and about, Mark most enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. Otherwise, you’ll find him somewhere near the Ocean.

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Venue Spotlight: August 2016

We regularly provide POS and CCTV solutions for some of Perth's best businesses, this month we've had the privilege of being selected to with the following fine establishments;

  • The Shorehouse
  • Art House
  • Pincho’s in Leederville
  • Roleystone Fish and Chips
  • The Local Shack – Southland
  • Port Kennedy RSL
  • Bib & Tucker

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne

The TrusteeEnrique’s School for to Bullfighting. The Beaufort Local, Scott and Angie Taylor have opened some likeable inner-city venues over the years. Having made their mark on the turf, the siblings turned their attention to the surf.

The Shorehouse is a celebration of coastal living, starting with wraparound vistas of Swanbourne Beach. The handsome deck, whitewashed walls, bright pastel splashes and distressed timber conjure a luxe-casual beach house aesthetic. Smiley floor staff keep the mood suitably breezy.

The Shorehouse have chosen ImPOS for their POS solution & we look forward to working side by side with them for many years.

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk…

…, because you would, if a customer found it first and an ensuing situation resulted in a fall and compensation claim. What you need is a way to ensure that staff are regularly checking the venue so that the spill is dealt with before any mishap occurs – a tool to track and log travel-paths and zone-checks.

VALID8 is a Bluetooth-enabled, zone and travel-path tracking system that utlilises state-of-the-art Apple iBeacon technology. This technology allows VALID8 to be installed with the minimum of fuss and alleviates the need for costly cabling, PC gateways and servers.

VALID8 ensures that key or sensitive zones are visited by members of staff, or security, as part of operational KPI’S: to safeguard against hazards or hindrance; to track established Surveillance or Travel-Path routes through the venue. Detectors in each key zone identify and log unique ID’s on a fob carried by any staff member, tracking the date and time of each visit. Zone status is displayed on a map of the venue, on any wireless device, in a simple traffic-light format, indicating if zones are OK or overdue.

Some key benefits of using VALID8 are:

-      Bluetooth iBeacons and detectors are simple and cheap to install

-      No additional PC or server required to run and integrates seamlessly with LOC8, The Smart Table and Order Locator.

-      Zone-check scheduling and logging for Health & Safety compliance and/or verification of intox-sweeps for RGL/Liquor Licensing compliance.

-      Track and manage internal KPI’s for staff/security travel-path or venue checks

-      Logs are pushed to a cloud-based service providing downloadable transcripts for compliance or legal verification purposes.

-      Safeguard against potential Health and Safety Liability Claims or RGL/LEU Penalties by an ability to prove regular zone checks.

Persons conducting a business or undertaking who have management or control of a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the workplace, the means of entering and exiting the workplace and anything arising from the workplace is without health and safety risks to any person.

[Safe Work Australia, Code of Practice – Managing the Work Environment and Facilities, p4]

The bottom line in your operation is to provide the best customer experience possible for your patrons, but not to fall foul of possible litigation or penalties due to an inability to substantiate regular zone checks. Ensure your operations are fully compliant and have the peace of mind that operational travel-paths can be captured and brought into evidence if required.

When it comes to ensuring and proving zone-checks: Don’t guess it, VALID8 it.

Learn more about VALID8 here

Staff News: Welcome Caileigh!

Welcome to our newest team member - Caileigh Oswald.

Caileigh has recently joined our admin team in the role of Reception and Sales Administration. Caileigh has taken to the position like a duck to water with 3 years front of house experience and will be taking on an accounting traineeship to support our growing team. No doubt if you call through to our office you will have a chance to speak to her and make her feel welcome. 

Caleigh enjoys netball, eating healthy and staying fit, so we are all hoping her good habits rub off on us.  She's also a serious West Coast Eagles supporter.

Dan's Update: August 2016

To say time flies is an understatement. Penning another update I realize its already August and we are now gearing up to assist with new development eager to open before the End of 2016. Even during the tough economic times mover and shakers are still opening and developing new venues in and around Perth and the CBD. Look out for the new Mary Street Bakery concept on Milligan street Perth at the Old Bar1 Site. Paul Aron heads up the 3rd venue and there are sure to be freshly baked salted caramel donuts up for grabs.

As the new Perth Stadium takes shape there is a range of new venues earmarked with the old burswood golf course being developed into a new food and drink precinct. Head around the Corner to Steve Palmers development on the water edge to see the ever successful Ku De Ta presenting their successful Bali venue with open decking, lounges and cocktails.

On the Beach we recently upgraded the team at The Shorehouse in Swanbourne to ImPOS version5 and City beach’s final venue is set to open at the end of the month and we are proud to be providing the ImPOS solution plus all the CCTV, alarm and access control to this new sleek setting. Moving further North, Scarborough beach has begun redevelopment and speaking with Carl from Matisse and Brad from The Shack, the businesses envisage a downturn during construction but look forward to a new level of coastal dining and entertainment. Ben and the Team from the Sandbar will also be renovating to present a new beach side bar and venue experience. So As we shiver through the winter months we look forward to a range of great additions to the WA Hospitality scene.

Hide and Seek with orders? Loc8 is your solution!

When a venue is busy with food orders flying out - customers moving table or table numbers not being visible is an unnecessary worry. Loc8 can save your manager, supervisor and two staff all trying to track down order number 24 before it gets cold, their precious time! With Loc8 installed, a simple glance on a tablet screen would be all it would take to see exactly where the customers for order 24 are seated.

Loc8 is a Bluetooth-enabled, smart table locator system that utlilises state-of-the-art Apple i-Beacon technology. This technology allows Loc8 to be installed with the minimum of fuss, as communication between components is enabled through stand-alone wireless systems, alleviating the need for costly cabling and servers.

Smart CD-sized pucks communicate their location to the Loc8 Router, based on their proximity to Bluetooth i-Beacons attached to the underside of table or in conspicuous “zones”. These locations are displayed on a map of the venue, accessible through any wireless smart device such as a tablet or smart-phone. Loc8 will track and log service times and will alert venues on whether an order has exceeded a service time limit (set by venue management) based on a simple traffic-light system.

Some key benefits of using Loc8 are:

  • Easy location - imple 1-glance identification of order numbers and logging of services times.
  • Wireless technology -  the charging of the ‘pucks’ removes necessity to align contacts, enables quick charging ( 60 seconds ), no batteries to replace.
  •  Bluetooth installation -  i-Beacons are fast and cheap to install in comparison to RFID tags – no costly furniture modifications required.
  • No additional PC or server required to run Loc8
  • System can easily be upgraded to include Valid8, zone-check scheduling and logging for Health & Safety compliance and/or verification of intox-sweeps for RGL/Liquor Licensing compliance.

What some of our recent Customers have said:

"Loc8 has been installed at 42 McDonald’s venues across Perth and WA and has seamlessly integrated with their “Create Your Taste” service concepts – dramatically improving services times.

The Loc8 Smart Table Locater was successfully installed to over 40 McDonalds Restaurants in Western Australia on Time and on Budget. The System has worked reliably and has seamlessly integrated with our Create Your Taste Concept. Backed by the deceptively simple design and Bluetooth technology, Loc8 has allowed us to rapidly identify and deliver orders, further enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction at our restaurants."

Mr Nick Agostino – McDonalds Australia Franchisee

Loc8 is also the driving force behind fast and efficient service at all major Dome outlets throughout Perth, aided by a further enhancement of API-integration into existing POS systems.

The Loc8 Smart Table Locator will seamlessly assist your venue in providing the best customer service experience possible:

  • Simple to train your staff on.
  • Easier for your staff to quickly and accurately place and locate orders.
  • Easier for your managers to accurately track & compile information on service times.
  • Maximize staff efficiency and enhance the customer’s experience.

Upgrade for seamless ordering capability

Loc8 can also be easily upgraded to include Valid8 – a smart zone-tracking system that can track and log visits to high-traffic, key or sensitive areas. Maybe you need to prove that an area has been checked due to a complaint or possible liability incident or you need to assure RGL or LEU that an Intox-Sweep of your venue has been undertaken with scheduled regularity?
Valid8 tracks visitations to established zones giving you a downloadable log of where, when and who.

Don’t open yourself to penalties or claims due to unsubstantiated evidence – Valid8 it!

To chat about Loc8 or Valid8 systems for your business, drop us a line
at sales@21stcenturybusiness.com.au or call us on
1300 084 049. 

Venue Spotlight: June 2016

We regularly provide POS and CCTV solutions for some of Perth's best businesses, this month we've had the privilege of being selected to with the following fine establishments;

  • Stablehands
  • Secret Harbour Surf Life Saving Club
  • The Local Shack - Rockingham
  • Caffissimo – Port Coogee
  • Meat Candy
  • Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  • Uptown Coffee & Food
  • Panda Oriental
  • The Kings Above & Henry On Eighth
  • Roma Cucina


Brothers Phillip and Anthony Arnold, previously of Velvet Espresso, have opened Up Town on Cottesloe’s Napoleon Street.

Named after the New York neighbourhood, the cafe’s fit-out is a study in less being more. Grey banquettes and white furniture decorate the fresh-faced room. Walls are unadorned save for photos of Brooklyn street dancers taken by a friend of the Arnolds. But while America informs the cafe’s name, the menu draws influence from closer to home.

Uptown Coffee + Food have chosen ImPOS for their POS solution, as speed is of the essence when getting you your coffee.  Watch out for their next project opening in a few weeks in Fremantle – Stablehands!