Kitchen Display System

Improve the efficiency of your kitchen pass.

Improve the efficiency of your kitchen pass.


Kitchen Display Systems: What's All The Fuss About?

Good news: you don’t have to be a franchisee owner, or be a large chain restaurant to implement and benefit from kitchen display systems.

Small, independent operations, in addition to QSR’s, Fast Casual’s, and full table service restaurants can all experience multiple advantages by introducing touchscreen display technology into their establishments.

Kitchen display systems (also referred to as kitchen video systems), are digital menu boards, typically with touchscreen capabilities, that are used in the back of the house to replace kitchen printers and paper tickets. The KDS acts as the communication link between the front of the house and the kitchen staff; displaying the orders that have been placed, and the time of entry. Once an order has been fulfilled, a bumpbar is used to clear the order out of the que, and close out the ticket. Quick, seamless, and easy peasy.

KDS solutions are transforming restaurants around the nation. Here’s how you can adopt this technology to improve your operations:

  1. Improve Overall Efficiency: Instead of juggling multiple tickets on the line, or in hand during your lunch or dinner rush, allow your kitchen staff to easily keep track of and prioritize orders accordingly. Tickets now appear on screen immediately after the server or bartender enters them into your POS system. The KDS will also track ticket times, showing managers exactly how long it took the kitchen staff to fulfill an order. This keeps the staff on their toes, and gives managers and operators further insight into their back of the house.
  2. Reduce Errors: With digital touchscreen technology, tickets can no longer fall off the line, be cooked out of order, misread due to messy handwriting, or lost in the shuffle. Nothing is worse than an unhappy customer- eliminate errors such as incorrect orders, cold food, or waiting too long for the meal to arrive. This will not only save on food costs (no more re-making dishes) but it enriches and deepens the customer satisfaction and experience as well.
  3. Streamline Online Ordering: Orders placed online by customers can now show up immediately and directly on KDS screens. With the fast-paced lifestyle expectations of consumers, your kitchen staff can now expedite online orders quickly, eliminating the need for a server or bartender to manually re-enter them into the POS system in order to create a printed kitchen ticket.
  4. Ease of Integration: Kitchen display systems allow for the opportunity to integrate with various 3rd party vendors or platforms you may be using. As online and mobile ordering continue to grow in popularity, allow your KDS to integrate to your custom app or restaurant website.
  5. Save money: Significantly reduce the amount of paper needed in your restaurant by adopting a kitchen video system. In addition to paper cost, less food will be wasted due to a reduction in mistakes from the lack of communication between the front and back of the house. Since the KDS also allows managers to track ticket time, save on labor costs by eliminating lazy staff, and scheduling your best workers to work your busiest shifts.

Allow your restaurant to experience these awesome benefits by introducing a kitchen display system into your operation!


Contact Ryan from 21st Century Business Equipment to learn more on 0404 047 009 or


Tecsec Security Solutions expands into Eastern Seaboard with new operations and offices in Sydney and Melbourne

Tecsec Security Solutions expands into Eastern Seaboard with new operations and offices in Sydney and Melbourne


  • Tecsec Security recognizes solid potential to provide customized security and table locater products and is aligned to continue driving expansion in new and existing markets in the Eastern States
  •  Agreements established with existing business partners secures expansion into the Melbourne and Sydney commercial sectors, allowing a new ability to expand its proven business and security products in line with its expansion strategy.
  •  New Technologies in Table Locaters has allowed Tecsec to become the leading installer and supporter of Table Locate in WA with successful installations to Major Hospitality Clients including McDonalds WA.
  •  Building on solid client relationships, Tecsec procured development of VALID8 - a Travel Path tracking tool, allowing F&B Venues to meet WHS Obligations and provide presence reporting for Health and Safety Incidents.
  •  Always innovating Tecsec acquires FastScan counterfeit money detectors developed in The Netherlands for distribution throughout the Australia marketplace.

Perth, Australia — Leading security and hospitality business equipment service provider Leagold Pty Ltd T/a Tecsec Security Solutions is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements to open its offices in Sydney and Melbourne. This agreement highlights Tecsec Security’s stable growth in the hospitality and commercial sectors with continued success in developing, supplying and supporting innovative products in WA.

ImPOS Solutions Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sean O’Meara, said:

“We are very pleased to partner with Tecsec Security and secure their expansion through our existing supply and support operations throughout Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

We have been engaged in a mutually beneficial business relationship for over 8 years and this agreement reinforces our strategic planning we put in place in February 2015 for the expansion of Tecsec.

We will leverage ImPOS’s existing capacity to deliver optimal supply, service and support to our new security offering”.


Tecsec has proven its capabilities over several years in the hospitality and commercial sector and has a reputation for great service, reliable hardware and functional software at a reasonable price.

Along with Tecsec’s existing services they will bring to market new innovative products including VALID8Travel Path Manager, FastScan Counterfeit Money Detectors and SmartVision Hybrid High Resolution IP CCTV Systems.


Daniel Ecseri, Director of Tecsec Security Solutions, said:

 “We sought to expand into the Eastern Seaboard with our existing technology partners. The successful Rollout of Table Locate to 44 McDonalds Restaurant in 2015 in WA means we were able to deliver the services and product the industry is seeking and grow our technology offering. Presenting this solution among our other products and services is an exciting time for the company”.

We will soon be rolling out Table Locate to multiple venues including Varsity Bars and expect the solution to add significant value to our hospitality clients looking to better the customer experience.

Tecsec appreciates the confidence with which Sean has welcomed our businesses and we look forward to presenting our proven solutions to the Eastern Seaboard”


New products innovation to reduce risk to hospitality businesses and Better the Customer Experience


  • VALID8 Travel Path Management System provides seamless Bluetooth tracking of Staff through the venue, identifying Work health and safety issues, Intoxication sweeps and staff versus customer presence in health and safety risk incidents.
  • Fast Scan Counterfeit Money Detectors provides fast money scanning of all Australian Notes. Preconfigured for the Australian Market the Scanner developed in the Netherlands scans the banks notes within half a second and advises the staff of counterfeit notes.
  • HYBRID TVI CCTV Solutions allows full High Definition cameras to be installed onto existing analogue cable providing high resolution image and recording for a fraction of the cost of a new IP CCTV Installation.
  • TableLocate - the world’s first iBeacon based Table Location System, this system is more accurate, more reliable and comes at a TCO of 50% of the existing legacy RFID solutions


Staff News: Welcome Mark!

Mark Wilson joins the team as Business Development Manager and brings over twenty years of Sales, Marketing and Hospitality Management experience with him. Having worked with some of the finest beverage brands in the World and managed some seriously busy venues in Asia-Pac, Mark brings a significant wealth of industry understanding and knowledge that underpins his ability to provide viable solutions for our customers, based on their needs.

Whether it’s by cooking up a feast or being out and about, Mark most enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. Otherwise, you’ll find him somewhere near the Ocean.

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Venue Spotlight: August 2016

We regularly provide POS and CCTV solutions for some of Perth's best businesses, this month we've had the privilege of being selected to with the following fine establishments;

  • The Shorehouse
  • Art House
  • Pincho’s in Leederville
  • Roleystone Fish and Chips
  • The Local Shack – Southland
  • Port Kennedy RSL
  • Bib & Tucker

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne

The TrusteeEnrique’s School for to Bullfighting. The Beaufort Local, Scott and Angie Taylor have opened some likeable inner-city venues over the years. Having made their mark on the turf, the siblings turned their attention to the surf.

The Shorehouse is a celebration of coastal living, starting with wraparound vistas of Swanbourne Beach. The handsome deck, whitewashed walls, bright pastel splashes and distressed timber conjure a luxe-casual beach house aesthetic. Smiley floor staff keep the mood suitably breezy.

The Shorehouse have chosen ImPOS for their POS solution & we look forward to working side by side with them for many years.