Computer hackers are unauthorized users who break into computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy information, often by installing dangerous malware without your knowledge or consent. Their clever tactics and detailed technical knowledge help them access information you really don’t want them to have.

While your computer is connected to the Internet, the malware a hacker has installed on your PC quietly transmits your personal and financial information without your knowledge or consent. While free anti-spyware and antivirus downloads are available, they just can’t keep up with the continuous onslaught of new malware strains. Previously undetected forms of malware can often do the most damage, so it’s critical to have up-to-the-minute, guaranteed protection.

21st Century Business Equipment are offering a FREE Webroot Endpoint License installed on the main POS server PC of our software support customers for the duration of their support contract. Make sure you are adequately protected today - find out more and take advantage of this special offer by completing the form below and one of our friendly team will contact you.


Stock up for Christmas and take advantage of these website / newsletter promo prices below. All our paper is high quality and EPSON certified to ensure you get the best quality and lifespan from your printer.

80x80 box 24 thermal paper for Receipt Printers.        $49 ex GST per Box (normally $78)

57x38 box 50 thermal  eftpos paper (standard)            $29 ex GST per box (normally $39)

57x30 box 50 thermal eftpos paper (mobile)                 $29 ex GST per box (normally $55)

57x57 box 24 thermal cash register paper                      $29 ex GST per box (normally $39)

76x76 box 24 Single ply kitchen printer paper              $29 ex GST per box (normally $39)

76x76 box 24 2 ply kitchen printer paper                        $49 ex GST per box (normally $64)

76x76 box 24 3 ply kitchen printer paper                        $59 ex GST per box (normally $85)

Black red Ribbon to Suit kitchen printers                        $12 ex GST each (normally $18)




Imagine if your service staff could complete a transaction at any table by pulling information directly from the POS, and then confirm payment wirelessly. Well, now they can thanks to Impos Pay at Table on ANZ BladePay™, which also eliminates many of the manual errors you may be used to.

With fewer trips between the POS terminal and your patrons, your service staff may be able to deliver faster, more efficient service. Better yet, your customers could enjoy a better overall experience.

Impos Pay at Table also includes elegant bill splitting and tipping functionality, so that your customers can split bills by item, a specific amount, or, the number of people in their group. This allows you to see all items and all outstanding balances, so bills are always paid in full.

Watch how Impos Pay at Table with ANZ BladePay could benefit your business.

A touch of paradise in WA

Amelia Park Lodge is a real gem located in the State's South and is now one of our latest venues to be supported by 21st Century Business Equipment, now using Pixel Point in both their restaurant and newly created tavern.

The team are using a combination of our Posiflex terminals and our PAR 8" tablets for ordering at the table.

There is a real fusion of seasonal Australian local produce being created into a mixture of modern European and Asian influenced dishes. Fantastic for family dining, the outdoor alfresco area is the perfect place to enjoy brunch in the sun

 Another fantastic venue supported by 21st Century Business Equipment

Another fantastic venue supported by 21st Century Business Equipment

 Our technicians "hard at work" in one of WA's most beautiful areas   

Our technicians "hard at work" in one of WA's most beautiful areas



Expect more big Australian and international comedy names to be dropping in and making exclusive appearances at the new Comedy Lounge Perth City, alongside the newest and best Perth comedy talent it’s helping develop. What Perth Concert Hall is to music, this will be for comedy – purpose-built, world-class and world-renowned.

We are all excited about the fantastic new Comedy Lounge that is opening on Murray Street.

We have been working closely with Johnny and team who are using ImPOS behind the busy bar and our Tecsec team have the venue protected with Hikvision cameras and we can't wait for this awesome venue to open - just in time for a Christmas Party!!

 Upstairs 413 Murray Street, Perth

Upstairs 413 Murray Street, Perth

An Unforgettable Experience

Another fantastic venue opened up in the heart of Northbridge, Butterfly 73 have an original and unique vision and style that is new to Perth. Theyare aiming to provide a luxurious experience with VIP packages, unique Cocktail Shishas and exclusive range of quality alcohol.

With the proven ImPOS point of sale into the bar, the team here at 21stCBE are excited to see this venue grow and grow in the summertime.

Go and discover the secrets of the butterflies with their delicious cocktails, tasty bar food and great music. 

You'll find our team enjoying a tasty drink or two there on a Friday night coming soon.



We aren’t afraid to get out hands dirty to get the best possible result. We test and trial our solutions in-house so we know we can deliver and there are no surprises to the customer.

The latest winner of the weekly Core Values Motivation is Tage Elers, Head Technician for Tecsec Security Solutions. Tage constantly displays a number of the business core values however over the last week his approach to “Hands on Approach” is why he is this week’s winner.

Tage and his team have been working hard on the Whitfords Brewing and Double Tree projects. Tage leads the way with his pledge to building lasting relationships with our clients that are based on industry knowledge and commitment to getting the job done. Tage is there for site visits at the time of quoting new jobs, he is there for meetings with other trades people to ensure that a job is mapped out correctly and he has proven that he is there at the front line of installations making sure that the job is done right.

He is an asset to the company when it comes to understanding the clients business and providing a resolution that suits precisely what they need.

 Tage is hard at work and wasn't in the office to collect his prize this morning!

Tage is hard at work and wasn't in the office to collect his prize this morning!

 Not afraid to get his hands dirty!

Not afraid to get his hands dirty!


We love what we do and we work together to achieve success for the team and the customer.

‘Work as a team’ is the value the imediately becomes apparent this past week as evidenced by working with the workshop in order to overcome an difficult obstacle for a potential client.

The way he balanced what can be delivered and in such a short period of time, provide a determination on the feasibility of the key fobs is why he is this weeks winner.

Ryan consistently brides the gap between sales and the workshop – this has been a massive benefit to both parties on the vast majority of jobs.

A good team is like a family and one person’s success is shared by all where we believe a good assist is as rewarding as the winning goal.

 Ryan being congratulated by Dan

Ryan being congratulated by Dan

 We don't get anywhere without a little help from our friends..

We don't get anywhere without a little help from our friends..

Urgent notice for venues running windows XP - Receive a $400 trade in your old POS terminal

21st Century Business has previously mentioned to our valued customers that if you are still running Windows XP you could run into some problems as Microsoft support for Windows XP ended over 12 months ago. Many customers have already made the move to Windows 7 and POSReady 7; if you haven’t joined the rest of the 21st Century POS community in doing so you are now at risk of falling behind.

It is urgent that you upgrade to Windows POSReady 7 ASAP.
In most cases, you will also be required to upgrade your hardware at the same time.
We understand that this can be frustrating; therefore 21st Century Business are offering a special deal –
$400 trade in on your old Windows XP or POSready 2009 POS terminal when you purchase a new next generation POSIFLEX 15" POS terminal.
Not only do you receive the latest POSready 7 Operating System, you also get the latest hardware. This will make your venue run more efficiently and will help you avoid potential devastating consequences of not upgrading, including.

  • Security failures due to a lack of security updates
  • An unstable POS that is exposed to cyber attacks
  • A vulnerable system that allows for criminals to exploit it and other products
  • To learn more on the dangers of not upgrading by Microsoft click here.

What do I need to do?

If you are currently running Windows XP or POSready 2009, you hardware is likely to not be powerful enough to run the latest Windows POSReady 7.  Estimatesare that 30% of machines running Windows XP or POSready 2009 could handle the additional processor and RAM requirements of POS Ready 7*

*Please contact us to find out if you’re current POS hardware is eligible for an upgrade to POSready 7
If your current hardware is not up to spec, or is simply starting to get old and battered, then take advantage of our $400 trade in deal and upgrade your POS to the latest platform.
Normally priced at $2,195 ex GST you can receive a New POSIFLEX terminal for $1,795* ex GST after the $400 Trade-in discount.


* This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers. This offer has been extended to February 2018


Our customers are what makes us succeed. We succeed when they succeed and we work hard to create trust and build lasting relationships.

Gordon Watson is the first winner of our weekly Core Values competition. Gordon had an outstanding week and demonstrated a huge level of customer focus, receiving  great feedback from a number of our customers. So we would like to thank Gordon for living the Core Value of "Customer Focused" and continuing to prove that our service is what sets us apart from all other POS providers in WA.

We understand every business is unique and that one size does not fit all, so we get to know you, our customers to make sure we tailor the right solution for your needs.

 Congratulations Gordon - enjoy your "mystery prize" 

Congratulations Gordon - enjoy your "mystery prize" 

week one image.jpg