Congrats to the 21st CBE Customers on the Top 100 Places to Eat and Drink list in Perth

Recently Perth Now released an article that detailed the best 100 places to eat and drink in Perth. We'd like to congratulate 20 of our customers who made  the list. We know first hand how much effort these businesses put into creating a venue that is high quality, run well and a joy to visit. Now everyone else knows too. Well done and keep up the top work!

  1. Old Faithful Bar
  2. Settlers Tavern
  3. El Publico
  4. Brika Bar
  5. Helvetica
  6. Must Wine Bar
  7. Lalla Rookh
  8. Five Bar
  9. The Classroom
  10. Pata Negra
  11. Balthazar
  12. Mandoon Estate
  13. Eagle Bay Brewery
  14. 18 Degrees
  15. No Mafia 
  16. Bib & Tucker
  17. Clarences
  18. Il Lido
  19. Cantina663
  20. Bread In Common