Landmark Installation

Congratulations to the team at Tecsec and 21st on a landmark installation, showcasing the leading edge technology in POS, CCTV, Audio and Video.


The venue showcases a first in CCTV facial recognition and at a Hospitality venue in W.A. The showstopper was the HUGE 98” TV and another 11 TV’s using video matrix allowing the venue to change sources on any of the TV’s through an app on their phone.


Working with the client and the builder, the team at 21st Century Business and Tecsec Security ensured a smooth and seamless installation and soft opening last night.

The venue opens today to the public and it is expected to go CRAZY - The Riverton Bar and Grill the only bar restaurant of its size and offering in the area.

Make sure you check it out!

Here are some inside photos from the soft opening last night..