Taking the time to smell the roses

Its a busy month here at 21st Century Business Equipment. We have a number of new installations happening this week, new terminals being staged, staff training sessions booked in back to back some days and while we are super excited about these new venues and about seeing these ideas come to life in Perth, we also wanted to look back on the first half of 2018 because the best way to know where we are going is to know where we have been.

Here are just some of the new venues that 21CBE has been a part of already this year..

- TINY'S LIQUOR EMPORIUM ~ the newest and biggest venues opened by the team behind Mary Street Bakery. The perfect combination of bar, restaurant and bottleshop located in the QV1 centre.

- HADIQA ~ Andy Freeman's rooftop paradise in Hibernian Place is an escape from the winter blues of Perth and will be the go to stop of the summer.

- HARVEY LEIGH'S ~ Two of the best in the business, Dan Wegner & Matthew Bell are in control of this sleek venue boasting an incredible wine list that is overflowing with some of the worlds best wines. A must for all wine lovers out there.

- TRIBECA & CO ~ This one has been a long time in the making but Paulo and the team are doing great things in Southern River. Great coffee and food that is to die for.

- CHURCHILL BAR & RESTAURANT ~ The sports bar we never knew we needed in the heart of the city. Now open for breakfast during the week and I know where we want to go for the next breakfast "team meeting"

- ST GEORGES ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL ~ Not just bars and restaurants, we also provide POS solutions to some of Perth's biggest schools.

- CAPEL TAVERN ~ Steaks cooked to perfection. Dishes full of flavour and generous to boot. The beers are always cold and now accommodation is available.

- GRAFTON ST CAFE ~ So technically, GSC opened up in 2017 but after opening two new sites at the beginning of the year they are now looking at venue number four! Keep an eye out for these guys.

- HUTTON & HOWE ~ From the pair that brought you Cheeky Brothers Pizza's now you have Hutton & Howe in Osbourne Park serving up big brekkies and lunches to keep you going throughout the day. 

- OFFSHOOT COFFEE ~ The creators of Mary Street Bakery have answered the calls from local fans in their latest venue. This is the spot for anyone looking for a serious caffeine fix. 

- BIG BOPPER BURGERS ~ You know we love the burgers here and some lunchtime milkshakes to make the day go faster!

- ARTHUR & CO ~ House-baked pastries in the morning and fried chicken and beef-cheek pie after dark. Is there anything Graham Arthur can't do??


So on and on we go with new venues opening every week and we love it. Our family of customers and friends just keeps getting bigger. The Perth hospitality scene has never looked brighter.