All of the POS systems we provide include manager and staff training. We understand the importance of receiving the right amount off training so you can capitalise on your POS investment and feel confident operating and making changes yourself. The simple philosophy is “The more you know, the better it will go”.

We also understand that staff come and go. Floor staff generally pick up the floor and daily operations very quickly due to the intuitive nature of the software and support from other floor staff. Managers and admin personal who understand the back office functions of the POS system are a more valuable asset to the smooth operation of the POS and unfortunately when they leave, much of the back office knowledge goes with them. We offer face to face back office training on all the products we sell, either on site or at our West Perth Office for any new managers that might be joining your team, or even existing admin staff who just want a refresh or update on some features of the software.

If you’re in a remote location, then don’t worry. We also offer training courses via a remote connection to your PC’s on site which effectively means we can take over your POS terminal and talk you through what you need to know as if we were sitting right next to you.

If you would like to find out more about our training and how we can help you maximise your POS software investment, please contact us below.

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