Support and Servicing

21st Century Business Equipment support all equipment that is sold and serviced through us. There is no ducking for cover when there is a problem - we install the system, and guarantee service with our team of highly professional support staff. Technical support staff have extensive knowledge on all products supplied and installed by 21st Century Business Equipment to make sure your equipment runs smoothly. 

We understand that your time is better spent running your venue than dealing with technical issues so our technical support lines are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 21st Century Business Equipment offer a range of support plans to our clients. Our support plans not only provide assistance with technical issues but also provide the opportunity to speak to our experienced team about improvements in the way you use your software, or ideas you have to make your business more efficient.

To understand what is covered by support, click here to review the support definition document.

Phone and Remote Support

The majority of the issues encountered are easily fixed remotely or by simple trouble shooting over the phone. Thanks to the Internet we support all customers remotely, it doesn't matter whether you are located just around the corner or the other side of the world, our technicians can dial into your system to diagnose problems immediately.

21st Century Business Equipment provides a secure remote access support application pre-installed on all POS equipment that is supplied. This allows controlled access into your computer or network from our office, allowing us to service your request quickly and more effectively.

To download our support tool for instant support please click the following link and press RUN.

Onsite Support

Where hardware failures are present, then a local field service technician can be arranged to visit your site to perform a repair. If they cannot fix the problem on site, they are most often equipped with a loan unit that can be installed temporarily while your hardware is properly serviced or repaired in our West Perth workshop.

Technicians can also be booked for onsite system maintenance, upgrades, issue resolution, application development and new features implementation and training. Call (08) 9321 8902.

Offsite Data Back Up

Are you backing up regularly and how secure is your data? Unfortunately many people don’t realise the importance of making and keeping backups until it’s too late. By then it’s either very expensive to recover or worst case scenario – lost for good.

An Offsite backup takes the responsibility of managing your data backup plan from your shoulders by automatically backing up critical data to the Cloud.


Reasons for having offsite backup?

  • Significantly reduce your risk of losing valuable mission critical data.
  • Your onsite back up gets lost or is not up-to-date.
  • No one is actually doing an onsite backup.
  • Someone destroys or steals your Server / PC.
  • A disgruntled employee may destroy or corrupt your data.


Why choose 21st Century Managed Offsite Backup?

  • Unlimited data – no data size restriction.
  • Data securely stored in Australia not overseas like many other providers.
  • Backups are administered by 21st Century Business Equipment.
  • Fantastic value for money - our costs are significantly less than most other providers.
  • Email alerts are sent directly to you.
  • Quick set up and recovery – because we administer the offsite backups; set up and recovery times are minimised.
  • One user can have up to 3 devices backed up per account
  • Server, Notebook, Desktop PC

Download the offsite data backup application form.

What can our Technical Support Department offer ?

  • Software maintenance and updates
  • Offsite data backup
  • Workshop service of leading hardware brands
  • System set-up and staging, implementation, training and post installation support.
  • Project management and POS roll out implementation

How do I get Technical Support ?

PHONE: Simply call (08) 9321 8902 and ask to speak our technical support staff. Please have the make and model of the equipment handy as well as the software that it is running.

REMOTE: To download our support tool for instant support please click the following link and press RUN. Once the application is installed please phone (08) 9321 8902 and ask to speak to support department.

EMAIL: If the matter is not urgent, email OR fill out the form below with the nature of your support query and somebody from our support department will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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