Dan's Monthly Update: March 2016

Fringe World, Perth International Arts Festival and many more events have kept the Perth CBD abuzz with things to do and see. While it have been great for some other venues have struggled to maintain numbers with so many new and exciting options on offer.

Recreating and rebranding is an important part of any hospitality venue's existence; recently the Colonial Group announced the remodelling of the Print hall to provide a more affordable offering. Along with these new owners, Academy has taken over Atomic in South Perth, La Lola Michael De Martes' successful Italian restaurant will re-brand to a trendy café. Elizabeth Quay is almost set for the opening of The Reveley. Tim McLernon's (Operator of the well-known Stables Bar) latest venues are fully decked out with our latest ImPOS and CCTV offering and the rooftop bar is definitely worth checking out.

Last week we met up with Michael who is the new proprietor for the historic Pagoda building (pictured) earlier this week we can share his expected open in mid-June.

The venue also boasts 360 degree views of the city and river and is set to provide the wholesome foods they have presented at Voyage Kitchen for many years. 

The warmer weather might be on the way out, but Perth diners will have no shortage of choice for Autumn dining experiences with so many great venues to experience in the coming season!