Hide and Seek with orders? Loc8 is your solution!

When a venue is busy with food orders flying out - customers moving table or table numbers not being visible is an unnecessary worry. Loc8 can save your manager, supervisor and two staff all trying to track down order number 24 before it gets cold, their precious time! With Loc8 installed, a simple glance on a tablet screen would be all it would take to see exactly where the customers for order 24 are seated.

Loc8 is a Bluetooth-enabled, smart table locator system that utlilises state-of-the-art Apple i-Beacon technology. This technology allows Loc8 to be installed with the minimum of fuss, as communication between components is enabled through stand-alone wireless systems, alleviating the need for costly cabling and servers.

Smart CD-sized pucks communicate their location to the Loc8 Router, based on their proximity to Bluetooth i-Beacons attached to the underside of table or in conspicuous “zones”. These locations are displayed on a map of the venue, accessible through any wireless smart device such as a tablet or smart-phone. Loc8 will track and log service times and will alert venues on whether an order has exceeded a service time limit (set by venue management) based on a simple traffic-light system.

Some key benefits of using Loc8 are:

  • Easy location - imple 1-glance identification of order numbers and logging of services times.
  • Wireless technology -  the charging of the ‘pucks’ removes necessity to align contacts, enables quick charging ( 60 seconds ), no batteries to replace.
  •  Bluetooth installation -  i-Beacons are fast and cheap to install in comparison to RFID tags – no costly furniture modifications required.
  • No additional PC or server required to run Loc8
  • System can easily be upgraded to include Valid8, zone-check scheduling and logging for Health & Safety compliance and/or verification of intox-sweeps for RGL/Liquor Licensing compliance.

What some of our recent Customers have said:

"Loc8 has been installed at 42 McDonald’s venues across Perth and WA and has seamlessly integrated with their “Create Your Taste” service concepts – dramatically improving services times.

The Loc8 Smart Table Locater was successfully installed to over 40 McDonalds Restaurants in Western Australia on Time and on Budget. The System has worked reliably and has seamlessly integrated with our Create Your Taste Concept. Backed by the deceptively simple design and Bluetooth technology, Loc8 has allowed us to rapidly identify and deliver orders, further enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction at our restaurants."

Mr Nick Agostino – McDonalds Australia Franchisee

Loc8 is also the driving force behind fast and efficient service at all major Dome outlets throughout Perth, aided by a further enhancement of API-integration into existing POS systems.

The Loc8 Smart Table Locator will seamlessly assist your venue in providing the best customer service experience possible:

  • Simple to train your staff on.
  • Easier for your staff to quickly and accurately place and locate orders.
  • Easier for your managers to accurately track & compile information on service times.
  • Maximize staff efficiency and enhance the customer’s experience.

Upgrade for seamless ordering capability

Loc8 can also be easily upgraded to include Valid8 – a smart zone-tracking system that can track and log visits to high-traffic, key or sensitive areas. Maybe you need to prove that an area has been checked due to a complaint or possible liability incident or you need to assure RGL or LEU that an Intox-Sweep of your venue has been undertaken with scheduled regularity?
Valid8 tracks visitations to established zones giving you a downloadable log of where, when and who.

Don’t open yourself to penalties or claims due to unsubstantiated evidence – Valid8 it!

To chat about Loc8 or Valid8 systems for your business, drop us a line
at sales@21stcenturybusiness.com.au or call us on
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