Urgent notice for venues running windows XP - Receive a $400 trade in your old POS terminal

21st Century Business has previously mentioned to our valued customers that if you are still running Windows XP you could run into some problems as Microsoft support for Windows XP ended over 12 months ago. Many customers have already made the move to Windows 7 and POSReady 7; if you haven’t joined the rest of the 21st Century POS community in doing so you are now at risk of falling behind.

It is urgent that you upgrade to Windows POSReady 7 ASAP.
In most cases, you will also be required to upgrade your hardware at the same time.
We understand that this can be frustrating; therefore 21st Century Business are offering a special deal –
$400 trade in on your old Windows XP or POSready 2009 POS terminal when you purchase a new next generation POSIFLEX 15" POS terminal.
Not only do you receive the latest POSready 7 Operating System, you also get the latest hardware. This will make your venue run more efficiently and will help you avoid potential devastating consequences of not upgrading, including.

  • Security failures due to a lack of security updates
  • An unstable POS that is exposed to cyber attacks
  • A vulnerable system that allows for criminals to exploit it and other products
  • To learn more on the dangers of not upgrading by Microsoft click here.

What do I need to do?

If you are currently running Windows XP or POSready 2009, you hardware is likely to not be powerful enough to run the latest Windows POSReady 7.  Estimatesare that 30% of machines running Windows XP or POSready 2009 could handle the additional processor and RAM requirements of POS Ready 7*

*Please contact us to find out if you’re current POS hardware is eligible for an upgrade to POSready 7
If your current hardware is not up to spec, or is simply starting to get old and battered, then take advantage of our $400 trade in deal and upgrade your POS to the latest platform.
Normally priced at $2,195 ex GST you can receive a New POSIFLEX terminal for $1,795* ex GST after the $400 Trade-in discount.


* This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers. This offer has been extended to February 2018