A team that eats together wins together!

This morning saw the whole team from 21st Century Business, Tecsec Security and the Front office/accounts department get together at West Perth's famous Gordon Street Garage for a company breakfast to map out a plan and our initiatives for the coming months.

The food was spectacular, the coffee was on point and the squad is now invigorated to continue being WA's most trusted technology provider.

A big shout out to the Company Directors, Christian and Daniel Ecseri for putting the morning together and inspiring us all to "Be Better" 

One of the Core Values here in 'Never Stop Learning' and we put that to practice this morning by all learning a few fun facts about each other! It seems there is a mutual love of Football movies that ties us all together!

A massive thank you to the team at Gordon Street Garage for the outstanding service. Such an exceptional venue with some of the best staff in Perth.